I Viaggi del Cucchiaio - piedmontese (italian) chef at home

The best piemontese food experience

bagna cauda tipical piemontese dishMy project is to bring the true traditional Piemontese cuisine around the world, making taste to those who choose us, magnificent combinations between the wines of my family Germano Angelo (my family runs a winery since 1908) and dishes that best match.

When I travel I have a challenge: I want to involve people in the best experience possible, trying to mix the real Italian cuisine, just like we do at our home with same cooking methods, combinations of raw foods etc... to the tastes of my clients, cutting out the best tailored Italian food experience possible!

Our way of cooking has always been successful everywhere we went, but, in addition to food, what we like the most is to know new people, interested in Italian food and culture and be a part, even if only for an evening, of a special moment in their lives.

In this picture there is an image of the "Bagna Cauda" a very tasty sauce that is eaten with fresh vegetables maybe the most famous and typical of the lower piedmont made ​​of oil, anchovies and garlic.